Doom & Groom

This is a series of 3 prints based upon the title “the devil is in the detail”.

The brief was to create a piece of graphic design that looked at one particular area in great depth.

I chose to examine the chemical in health and grooming products, and the number consumed in a particular time frame.

The final pieces are a series designed to be shown together that explore this, with illustrations based upon vintage medical imagery, re-transformed to create mutant patterns.

The chemical names then juxtapose this abstract piece with clinical listings of all chemical that my body consumed or absorbed.

Initially I had planned to design a piece looking at the number of atoms in each chemical by deconstructing the molecular formula but this was simply a mammoth task.

So here are the simplified version, my aim was to create something beautiful, information based and eye-catching.

  • For University Brief

  • Type Graphic Design

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